How to Decorate your Redlands House on a Budget

Redlands Historic Home DecoratingOnce you buy a home in Redlands, California, you’ll want to take steps to make it your own! But how can you turn heads without breaking the bank? Believe it or not, you can turn your new home into a showpiece simply by making the most of your decorating dollar.

Budget-friendly interior decorating ideas: Money-Saving Interior Decorating Ideas

  1. Paint
    One of the least expensive ways to change the look and feel of any room is with a can of paint. According to Consumer Reports, the hottest paint colors for 2018 include: Interior Decorating Paintblue-green, gray, red, black and nearly anything in matte finish. Of course, the subtle differences of each hue are too numerous to mention. But the upshot is that mattes are in, as are dark colors and sea-foam green.

  2. PillowsInterior Decorating Throw Pillows
    Instead of wallpapering in bright, brilliant patterns that start to become dated almost as quickly as you affix them to interior surfaces, use pillows for a pop of color or daring pattern. Once you move onto a new design style, you can either toss them and start again or use covers, which zip on and off and are usually machine washable.

  3. Rugs
    Since hard surfaces are all the rage, use throw rugs to soften the look of sharp edges and hardwood or tile floors, or even to cover up less-than-perfect carpeting. Interior Decorating Throw RugsAvailable at most discount stores for a song, throw rugs can usually be tossed into the washing machine for easy cleanup, which is great in high-traffic areas. Just don’t forget to use rubber anti-slip mats.
  4. SconcesSconces Interior Decorating
    Meant to be hung in pairs, simultaneously framing artwork and lighting dark areas, these wall-mounted mini lamps come in a variety of styles and colors. Many work even if you don’t have wall-mounted electrical outlets, since several styles make use of candles. If the word “sconce” conjures 1970’s, check out these modern iterations.

  5. Picture Frames
    Family Pics Interior DecoratingAnyone with a family or friends can use this budget-friendly decorating idea. Print out black and white versions of family members or friends, to keep everything in the same color palette. Then, choose identical or assorted, vintage frames to come up with a creative photo montage. Affordable as well as memorable, this type of design element personalizes your space to make you feel at home.

  6. CandlesInterior Decorating Candles
    Mood lighting made affordable, candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fragrances and price points. And if you’re super frugal, you can even make your own. To make the design choice seem intentional instead of an afterthought, use candles or candleholders in similar colors or sizes. And instead of placing individual votives sporadically throughout your house, group them for maximum impact. 
  7. Blinds
    Interior Decorating BlindsAdmittedly one of the more expensive options on our laundry list of decorating ideas, window coverings not only up the style quotient on your Redlands’ home but they also provide privacy. Whether you choose big-box customizable blinds or shutters or order online, you could cover one window each month until your entire house is well-outfitted. Blinds come in several finishes, such as wood, vinyl, fabric-covered or bamboo – to name a few. 
  1. Interior Decorating Fresh FlowersFresh Flowers
    While bouquets and stems perish, you can grow your own or purchase at a florist, the grocery store or even a warehouse, according to the season. Floral décor brings life to homes. So, we recommend using them for open houses if you want to put your home on the market or just to brighten an entryway or give color to a room.

  2. Hardware
    Bathroom Fixtures Interior DecoratingUntil you save enough to refinish or replace kitchen cabinets, update the look with new fixtures. You can buy them all at once or purchase over several months. While awaiting bathroom renovation, swap out the shower head and faucet for a fresh look without the high price tag. Another way to up the style ante is with switch plate covers. Inexpensive and easy to install, these small decorator touches pack a wallop.

  3. TableclothsInterior Decorating Tablecloths
    When you tour an open house, have you ever noticed the table is usually set? The reason for this is to help people picture themselves eating in the home. If you can’t afford your dream dining room table, invest in a tablecloth and set your table. You’ll be surprised by how finished your room looks if it includes this modest touch. 

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