5 Tips to Quickly Sell Your Redlands Home

In case you’re wondering, the debate is over. In Southern California, where my real estate office is located, it’s officially a seller’s market. Here are a few reasons:

Summer is the right time to sell. Warm weather not only makes moving day easier, but summer is the hottest season to sell because kids are out of school. Also, people take advantage of vacation time to survey available properties.

Inventory is down.

Homes and condominiums are quickly being scooped up, especially for what Southern Californians consider to be entry-level homes (priced under $500,000). For example, an article in the LA Times recounted an open house for a home in Downey listed at $499,990. After more than 40 groups of buyers came through over the course of the weekend, five made offers — one of which was $25,000 above asking price.

The Inland Empire is no different.

After listing a home in San Bernardino near Cal State San Bernardino, from day one, interest was very high. The fast-paced open house brought four strong offers within a couple of days of list. In fact, this home, which featured very nice interior updates, could have sold five times over. The current market is HOT! So, if you are considering selling, don’t’ delay. Now is the time! Don’t let the window close without realizing potentially huge profits from a quick sale.

Interest rates are low.

Low rates boost consumer confidence. People who might otherwise wait out the market are starting to realize that they should strike while the lending iron is hot.

Even in a competitive market, if you’re like most homeowners, you want to make as much profit as possible from your most expensive asset. Don’t be lulled into complacency. Here are some tips for making sure your property moves faster than anything else in your market:

    • Hire the Right Agent
      You could potentially sell your house without help. You could also probably learn how to fill your own teeth and maybe even follow a DIY book to build a garage in your spare time. But doing so is ill-advised. These tasks are much better left to professionals. An experienced, trained, licensed real estate agent will be able to provide you with accurate comps, updated MLS information and professional staging advice. What’s more, a professional realtor networks, so she will be able to connect you to people who are interested in buying and selling homes in your area.


    • Open Your House
      Don’t look at an open house as an intrusion on your privacy. On the contrary, opening your home is a great way to get feedback about staging and price point. Your experienced real estate agent might even host a realtors’ caravan before opening the home to potential buyers. In many cases, agents who tour the house might already have a buyer in mind when they see your swell digs. Sales is all about percentages. So, if it takes 50 tours to sell yours, get a jumpstart by baking cookies, clearing clutter and depersonalizing your space.


    • Picture This
      Whether your agent takes pictures on hires a professional, well-lit, high-quality photos will help sell your home fast. Odd angles that fail to show your house in the right light will scare buyers. You may also want to include a virtual tour so interested buyers can see your house on cyberspace before ever setting foot in your front door.

    • Make Sure the Price is Right
      No disrespect to the popular television game show, but we can’t overstate the importance of setting the right asking price for your home. Ask too little and you leave money on the table. Price it too high and it could sit on the market without an offer, which signals buyers that something must be wrong. And even if you get an offer, the appraisal won’t support an unrealistic asking price. So, unless your buyer is paying with cash and doesn’t care about fair market value, you should price your home in the sweet spot. Your experienced agent will be able to advise you about what that figure is.
Clutter can stop a home from selling.
    • De-Personalize but don’t De-Humanize
      While framed pics of your loved ones bring you joy and make you feel at home, they also make it difficult for home buyers to picture their own possessions in your home. Take time to pack away personal belongings. Then, when you move into your next home, you can display as many personal treasures as you like.


When it comes time to buy or sell a house or condo in Redlands, call Keller Williams Realtor Candace Cantu McGloin. She is qualified and willing to help home buyers and sellers across Southern California. Specializing in the cities of Redlands, Highland, Yucaipa, Grand Terrace, and Loma Linda Candace has done transactions both on the buying and selling side throughout Southern California. To learn more about real estate in Redlands or the Inland Empire or to list your home, call Candace directly at (951) 201-2443.

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